Downloadable Geodatabases

Users of the Paso del Norte Watershed Council's Coordinated Database and GIS Project have requested the ability to download project data files in the Access file format, and development of this utility has been funded by the United States Bureau of Reclamation's Water 2025 Challenge Grant that was awarded to the City of El Paso Public Service Board. The link provided below will allow users to download personal geodatabase files developed with the ESRI ArcMap Software that is in the Access file format. Users can then access this file with ESRI's ArcMap and ArcCatalog or Microsoft Access.

The geodatabase files are provided in a zip format. Included are the old and updated versions. The old version contains most of the vector data layers of the GIS project and the updated version contains most of the vector and all of the raster datasets. If your firewall software is set to block downloads of zip files you must first temporarily turn off the firewall or add this site to your trusted sites. Right click on the file name below to initiate the download. (old version) (updated)

NOTE: Geodatabases do not contain the JMAS Wells or EPCWID1 data, which can be downloaded as seperate shapefiles.