Hydrologic Modeling Info

As part of the Paso del Norte Watershed Council Coordinated Water Resource Database and GIS Project (The Project), we have received funding from the US Army Corps of Engineers to explore a range of linkages between the Project and hydrological modeling work. This funding has allowed us to do a limited literature and web search to identify relevant research into the use of GIS and hydrologic modeling tools to ask applied questions about water resources in the Paso del Norte region. Based on this research, we have developed several webpages that summarize our work, as detailed below.

Background Paper on GIS-Based Hydrologic Modeling - This general background paper introduces the use of GIS and hydrologic modeling tools as a means to conduct spatial hydrology, “the study of the earth’s waters and the transport of their constituents using the spatial data structures and functions of a geographic information system" (Maidment, 1996).

Select Annotated Bibliography on Hydrologic Modeling -This document provides a select list of specific research papers in the same general area and also summarizes the research that is covered in these articles and conference presentations. Some weblinks are also provided where related materials are available on line.

Links to GIS Based Hydrologic Modeling Projects in the Rio Grande - This file is an HTML document that lists researchers doing GIS-based hydrologic modeling in the Paso del Norte region, provides weblinks to biographical information on these researchers, and also links to project webpages and related on-line materials.
Link to Box-Jenkins Model developed for the Rincon Valley - This is a Riverware model in .mss format, and should be used only if the user has Riverware installed. Data in ASCII format from 1979 to present can be downloaded here, or if preferred, it can be downloaded as an Access 2003 file.

Maidment, D. (1996). GIS and Hydrologic Modeling – An Assessment of Progress: Power Point Presentation. Retrieved December 12, 2004 from the University of Texas website. http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/gishydro/meetings/santafe/slides.htm

- Literature research conducted by Ms. Janelle Prude, Department of Geography, New Mexico State University
- Technical assistance and project oversight provided by Dr. Christopher Brown, Department of Geography, New Mexico State University (brownchr@nmsu.edu).