Downloadable Geodatabases

Users of the Paso del Norte Watershed Council's Coordinated Database and GIS Project have requested the ability to download project data files in the Access file format, and development of this utility has been funded by the United States Bureau of Reclamation's Water 2025 Challenge Grant that was awarded to the City of El Paso Public Service Board. The link provided below will allow users to download personal geodatabase files developed with the ESRI ArcMap Software that is in the Access file format. Users can then access this file with ESRI's ArcMap and ArcCatalog or Microsoft Access.

The geodatabase files are provided in a zip format. Included are the old and updated versions. The old version contains most of the vector data layers of the GIS project and the updated version contains most of the vector and all of the raster datasets. If your firewall software is set to block downloads of zip files you must first temporarily turn off the firewall or add this site to your trusted sites. Right click on the file name below to initiate the download. (initial version - 11/17/2006) (updated version - 06/29/2007)

NOTE: Geodatabases do not contain the JMAS Wells or EPCWID1 data, which can be downloaded as seperate shapefiles.

Data and Metadata

Provided are the datasets that have been provided by many organizations in association with the PDNWC Project. Metadata can be found by clicking on a data "name" which then opens a Metadata page. The buttons in the "Download Data" column will open a link to compressed zipped files. Finally, a preview of the existing data is available by clicking on the work "image" hyperlinked at the end of the descriptions column. All data provided on this page are in shapefile format. Therefore, the files that are contained in the zipped folder comprise and support the relevant shapefile.

Name Download Description
Organizational Data
El Paso County Water Improvement District #1
The El Paso County Water Improvement District #1 has provided point data of gage station locations enclosed in the study region. Image
El Paso Water Utilities
This dataset contains well point locations. Also, included is information about each well or point, such as total well depth, elevation, latitude and longitude, and the date the well was drilled. Image
Elephant Butte Irrigation District
Elephant Butte Irrigation District provides data on gage stations that lie on the irrigation system, monitored and controlled by this district. The names, counties, and states are also included in this dataset. Image
US Bureau of Reclamation
The United States Bureau of Reclamation monitors six control points throughout four counties. This data contains the locations and names for these points. Image
JMAS Wells
This shapefile contains data about the locations of wells in the city of Juárez, Chihuahua drilled and maintained by La Junta Municipal de Agua y Seneamiendo de Ciudad Juarez. Image
CNA Valley
This shapefile contains well location data of the area for wells drilled and maintained by La Comision Nacional del Agua in Mexico. Image
International Boundary and Water Commission
The IBWC covers the southern portion of the PDNWC study region. The shapefile contains the point locations of gage stations that are used to monitor water quality and stream flow conditions of the Rio Grande. Image
USGS Ground Water
The point locations provided in this dataset reference groundwater measurements of the study region. Image
USGS Surface Water
This shapefile provides data on flow point locations in which reference flow and water quality of surface water throughout the PDNWC Project area. Image
This dataset contains all gage/well locations controlled and monitored by the United States Geological Survey. Image
Supporting GIS Data Layers
Study Region
The study region shapefile provides a boundary for the PDNWC Project area. Image
International Border
This data file contains an Arc shapefile for the boundary between the U.S. and Mexico for the extent of the study region. Image
Rio Grande
This is the river shapefile that maps out the Rio Grande for the portion of the study region. It is not the complete Rio Grande river system. It is clipped to the extent of the study region. Image
US and Mexico Roads
The roads shapefile contains road structures of both the United States and Mexico to the extent of the project area. Only the major highways are included and it does not contain city road structures. Image
This dataset contains the location of dams in the United States along the Rio Grande. Image
This shapefile contains data on the United States aquifer system for the project area. The attributes also includes the aquifer name and the rock types associated with each aquifer. Image
Hydrologic Units
This dataset consists of polygons that represent the United States hydrological units to the extent of the PDNWC Project region. Image
This is an image that shows the Hillshade of the landscape for the area of the project region. Image
This digital elevation model provides a raster image of the landscape in the PDNWC Project region. Image. If you would like to view the DEM as a shaded relief, view this link.
The places shapefile contains the locations and area of cities within the study region. Image
NHD Water Bodies
This shapefile contains a polygon file of the location of major NHD water bodies within the project area. Image
Riperian and Associated Data (USGS)
Mexico Riparian and Vegetation MX Riparian Zipped folder contains numerous shapefiles and raster data associated with riparian, landuse, and vegetation data within the Mexico portion of the study region.
U.S. Riparian and Vegetation US Riparian Zipped folder contains numerous shapefiles and raster data associated with riparian, landuse, and vegetation data within the U.S. portion of the study region. This also includes a .mxd file that in which data sources can be set in the "readme" file.
Riverware Model
Rincon Model Riverware File Zipped Folder contains riverware model along with Rincon Model Data tables.