Rio Grande in Texas, 2002
The Paso del Norte Watershed Council works to address issues related to the establishment and maintenance of a viable watershed, including approximately 430 river miles between Elephant Butte Reservoir in southern New Mexico to the confluence of the Rio Conchos in Presidio County, Texas. These include promoting projects to improve water quality and quantity, ecosystem integrity, the quality of life, and economic sustainability in the Paso del Norte watershed. The Paso del Norte Watershed Council also provides a forum for exchanging information about any and all activities on the Rio Grande.

Among its members are representatives of non-governmental organizations, federal and state agencies, water utilities, municipal governments, and universities, as well as private citizens. Membership on the Council is free and open to anyone who is dedicated to providing an integrated vision for watershed management. As a result, Council members represent diverse regional interests and provide interdisciplinary expertise in many aspects of watershed and natural resource management.