Paso del Norte Watershed Issues

Ecological and River Restoration
Funding Sources
Information and Data Sharing
Projects Within the Paso Del Norte Region
Water Quality
Water Quantity
Water Quality in Texas
Irrigation Canal in Doņa Ana County, New Mexico, 2005

Ecological and River Restoration

Biology of the Rio Grande Border Region: A Bibliography (USGS CERC)

Historic Reconstruction of the Ecology of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Channel and Floodplain in the Chihuahuan Desert (large pdf)

Integrated River Restoration Plan, 2005 Draft Proposal for Development

U.S. IBWC Canalization Project Homepage

U.S. IBWC Canalization Project Collaborative

Rio Bosque Wetlands Park

MRG Ecosystem Bosque Biological Management Plan

MRG Ecosystem Bosque Biological Management Plan - 2005 Update

Hope for a Living River

Funding Sources

Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC)

EPA Border 2012

EPA Watershed Grants Program

North American Development Bank

Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

New Mexico Office

West Texas Office

U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, Water 2025

Pecan trees along a drainage canal near Leasburg Dam, New Mexico, 2004

Information and Data Sharing

Directory of Federal Natural Resources Research in the Rio Grande Border Region (USGS CERC)


Environmental Working Group, Clean Water Report Card

National River Restoration Science Synthesis (NRRSS) Database

Powell Consortium

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Wetlands Inventory

U.S. Geological Survey, Gap Analysis Program

Texas Evapotranspiration Web Site

Texas Natural Resource Conservation System

University Council on Water Resources

USDA, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, Water Outreach Education pilot web site

Water Science for Schools

Watershed Information Network

Projects Within the Paso del Norte Region

  • Viva Dona Ana

Visit the Viva Dona Ana home page

  • El Paso-Las Cruces Regional Sustainable Water Project

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Record of Decision

  • Rio Grande Project

Rio Grande Project

  • Flood Control Projects

Estimated Benefits of IBWC Rio Grande Flood Control Projects in the United States

  • One Valley, One Vision 2040 - Dona Ana County, New Mexico Regional Plan

Vision 2040 Executive Summary

Visit the Vision 2040 home page


Water Quality

  • E. Coli Research

Are microbial indicators and pathogens correlated? A statistical analysis of 40 years of research. (Wu et al. 2011. Journal of Water and Health. Vol 9 No 2 pp 265-278.)

The Baron of Bugs: Keeping waterborne pathogens at bay (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2010)

Dr. Geoffrey B. Smith, NMSU Professor, Biology

Dr. George Giovanni, UTEP Professor and Faculty Fellow, Environmental Microbiology & Waterborne Pathogens

E. coli: Alive and Well, Probably in a Streambed Near You (USDA, 2011)

Levels and Patterns of fecal indicator bacteria in stormwater runoff from homoegenous land use sites and urban watersheds. (Tiefenthaler et al. 2011. Journal of Water and Health. Vol 9 No 2 pp 279-290.)

Protecting Our Water: Tracking Sources of Bacterial Contamination (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011)

Researchers Discover Natural Food Preservative That Kills Food-Borne Bacteria (Science Daily, 2011)

  • Salinity

Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program Overview

Multi-State Salinity Coalition

Rio Grande Project Salinity Management Coalition (NMED-SWQB Lower Rio Grande Program)

Tularosa Basin National Desalination Research Facility

Opening the gate that allows water to flow into the field from the irrigation ditch, New Mexico, 1936. Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection, No. fsa 8b38212

Water Quantity

  • Competing & increasing demands for the region's water

Online Training in Watershed Management

  • Drought

Drought Watch on the Rio Grande- Texas A&M University's AgriLife Research Center at El Paso

National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Drought Monitor

New Mexico Governor's Drought Task Force

  • Population growth & development pressure

Protecting Water Resources with Smart Growth (EPA) (pdf)

Smart Growth Online

Water Quality in Texas

USIBWC Texas Clean Rivers Program


All About Watershed (NM Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute)

Center for Watershed Protection

EPA Healthy Watersheds Initiative

EPA Watersheds

Science in Your Watershed